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The following is a list of research projects and dissertations that were funded in the past decade by the HFG that address interpersonal violence and crimes of violence. (Institution indicates affiliation when grant was received.)


JEFFREY S. ADLER (History and Criminology, University of Florida), "Violence and the industrial city: Social conflict and the decline of violence in late nineteenth-century Boston" 1993.

DANE ARCHER (Sociology, University of California-Santa Cruz), "Patterns of violence and aggression: New research on cultural and national differences" 1990.

DEBORAH BASKIN (Criminal Justice Center, John Jay College), "Criminal careers of violent female offenders" 1990.

PHILIPPE BOURGOIS (Russell Sage Foundation), "Culture and violence in the inner city: Substance abuse and income generating strategies in the underground economy" 1990.

PHILIPPE BOURGOIS (Anthropology, San Francisco State University), "In search of respect: Selling crack in El Barrio" 1993, 1994.

FOX BUTTERFIELD, "Like father, like son: Four generations of violent criminals in the Bosket family of South Carolina and Harlem" 1993.

J.S.COCKBURN (History, University of Maryland), "Violence in English society, 1550-1990" 1990.

PHILIP J. COOK (Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University), "Theft as a source of firearms used in crime: A preliminary analysis" 1993.

DEWEY CORNELL (Education, University of Virginia), "Juvenile homicide: Personality and developmental factors" 1988.

DEWEY CORNELL (Education, University of Virginia), "Assessment of instrumental and reactive aggression in violent criminal defendants" 1992.

JOHN DEVINE (New York University), "Coping with violence in inner city high schools" 1993, 1994.

JEFFREY FAGAN (Criminal Justice, Rutgers University), "Desistance from family violence" 1990.

JEFFREY FAGAN (Criminal Justice, Rutgers University), "Situational contexts of gun use among young males" 1995, 1996.

JEFFREY FAGAN and JOEL GARNER (Criminal Justice, Rutgers University), "Deterring spouse assault: The role of legal and social controls in controlling violence between intimates" 1994.

BARRY FELD (Law, University of Minnesota), "Social change and the status of youth: The transformation of the juvenile court" 1995.

SEYMOUR FESHBACH (Psychology, University of California-Los Angeles), "Police officers' use of excessive force" 1993.

MARK FLEISHER (Criminal Justice, Illinois State University), "The cradle of violence: A study of the lives of violent American criminals" 1990.

MARK FLEISHER (Criminal Justice, Illinois State University), "An ethnographic and social network study of the onset of youth gangs" 1995.

REX FOREHAND and CYNTHIA FRAME (Institute for Behavioral Research, University of Georgia), "Violent adolescents: Models for differentiating sexual and nonsexual offenders" 1990.

RICHARD GELLES (Sociology and Anthropology, University of Rhode Island), "Physical violence, child abuse, and child homicide: A continuum of violence or distinct behaviors?" 1990, 1991.

ANSLEY HAMID (Anthropology, John Jay College), "The Latin Kings and gang violence" 1996.

ANSLEY HAMID (Anthropology, John Jay College), "How supply affects demand and consumption of crack in New York City neighborhoods" 1990.

HERBERT HENDIN (Psychosocial Studies, New York Medical College) and ANN HAAS (Health Sciences, City University of New York), "Posttraumatic stress disorder among victims of violent, life-threatening experiences" 1986, 1987.

ROGER HEWITT (Institute of Education, University of London), "Adolescents and racial violence in South London" 1996, 1997.

ROBERT JACKALL (Sociology, Williams College), "Drug-related violence in Washington Heights" 1993, 1994.

DAVID JACOBS (Political Science, University of Oregon), "The determinants of deadly force: Testing explanations for differential rates of killing by the police" 1995.

GARY LAFREE (Sociology, University of New Mexico), "Race and violent crime in postwar America, 1946-1990" 1992.

JOHN LAUB (College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University) and ROBERT SAMPSON (Sociology, University of Chicago), "The natural history of crime and violence: A 60-year perspective" 1995.

ALLEN LISKA (Sociology, SUNY Albany), "The structure and organization of social (crime) control: Social threat and fiscal crisis" 1990.

CHERYL MAXSON and MALCOLM KLEIN (University of Southern California and Social Science Research Institute), "Gangs, crack, and violence: Assessing aspects of drug involvement in homicide" 1991.

SEAN MCCONVILLE (Criminal Justice, University of Illinois), "Repressing crime: The development, effects, and demise of the deterrent regime in English local prisons, 1877-1920" 1988.

SEAN MCCONVILLE (Criminal Justice, University of Illinois), "Punishing the conscionable: Democracy, dissent, and tolerance" 1992, 1993.

SARNOFF MEDNICK (Psychology, University of Southern California), "Criminal violence and mental illness in a birth cohort" 1992.

REBECCA MILES-DOAN (Center for the Study of Population, Florida State University), "How different is the ecological context of violence in families from violence 'in the streets'?" 1993, 1995.

PETER OLIVER (History, York University), "Crime and punishment in 19th century Ontario" 1988.

RANDOLPH ROTH (History, Ohio State University), "Why northern New Englanders seldom commit murder: Homicide in New Hampshire and Vermont" 1989.

JOHN SPRAGUE (Political Science, Washington University), "Aggression in an American city: The dynamics of demography and violent crime" 1992.

GABRIELE STURZENHOFECKER (Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh), "Violence, sexuality, and gendered personhood among female gangs in Pittsburgh" 1996.

CARL TAYLOR (Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Jackson Community College), "Roles of females in urban gangs" 1990.

RANDY THORNHILL and NANCY THORNHILL (Biology and Anthropology, University of New Mexico), "Human rape: An evolutionary study of offenders, victims and cross-cultural patterns" 1988.

MICHAEL TONRY (Law, University of Minnesota), "Race, ethnicity, and crime: An international perspective" 1995, 1996.

ERNST WENK (Social Work, Arizona State University), "Criminal careers: Criminal violence and substance abuse" 1990.

KIRK WILLIAMS (Sociology, University of Colorado), "Predicting the risk of interpersonal violence: A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis" 1991.

MARGO WILSON (Psychology, McMaster University), "Homicide in America: Chicago" 1989.

RICHARD WRIGHT and SCOTT DECKER, (Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri), "Robbers on robbery: Prevention and the offender" 1994.


CARLOS AGUIRRE (History, University of Minnesota), "Crime, punishment, and modernization in Lima, Peru, 1860-1930" 1994-95.

AMY L. CHASTEEN (Sociology, University of Michigan), "Constructing Rape" 1995-96.

LISA MAHER (Criminal Justice, Rutgers University), "An ethnographic study of women crack users" 1992-93.

SHADD MARUNA (Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University), "Desistance and development: The psychological process of going straight" 1997-98.

JAMES PTACEK (Sociology, Brandeis University), "Disorder in the courts: Women battering, judicial demeanor, and the issue of restraining orders in Massachusetts" 1993-94.

DAVID SORENSEN (Criminal Justice, Rutgers University), "Intimate partnerships, procreation, and desistance from violent offending: Disentangling the marriage-crime relationship" 1997-98.

STEPHEN C. STEINER (Psychology, University of Pittsburgh), "Hostile attributional biases of early and late onset juvenile delinquents" 1992-93.

JENNIFER WHITE (Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison), "Study of impulsivity as a risk factor for the development of recidivistic, aggressive criminal offending" 1991-92.

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