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HFG Review of Research, Published Periodically

Inaugurated in 1996, the HFG Review is published periodically and aims to inform the public of the findings of HFG-sponsored research and to discuss how that knowledge relates to problems of society today. Five issues have since been published and all are available online:

Small Arms and Light Weapons: A Call for Reserach (Spring 2005)

Teaching about Violence (Spring 2000)

Introduction: Teaching about Violence, by James M. Hester
What We Teach about When We Teach about Violence, by Susan Cunningham
Violence, by Robert Jackall
Grounded, Experiential Teaching about Violence, by Russel Lawrence Barsh and Chantelle Marlor
Some Things Psychologists Think They Know about Aggression and Violence, by Clark McCauley
What Do Historians Have to Say about Violence? by Jeffrey S. Adler and Thomas W. Gallant
A Political Science Perspective on Teaching about Violence, by Steven I. Wilkinson
Trying to Tell the Truth about Violence: Some Difficulties, by Robert Knox Dentan

The Biology of Aggression (Spring 1999)

Introduction: The Biology of Aggression, by Karen Colvard
Continuity vs. (Political) Correctness: Animal Models and Human Aggression, by D. Caroline Blanchard, Mark Hebert, and Robert J. Blanchard
Human Aggression: What's Animal Research Got to Do With It? by Neal G. Simon and Emil F. Coccaro
Serotonin and Impulsive Aggression: Not So Fast, by Joel Wallman
Alcohol: The Aggression Elixir? by Peter Giancola
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Crimes of Violence (Fall 1996)

Introduction: Crimes of Violence, by James M. Hester
Disarming Youth, by Joel Wallman
Creating the Illusion of Impending Death: Armed Robbers in Action, by Richard T. Wright and Scott H. Decker
Crime is Down? Don't Confuse Us with the Facts, by Karen Colvard
Violence: The Latest Curricular Specialty, by John Devine
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The Politics of Violence (Fall 1996)

Introduction: The HFG Review, by James Hester
What We Already Know About Terrorism: Violent Challenges to the State and State Response, by Karen Colvard
"Talk to a McVeigh?" by Joseba Zulaika and William A. Douglass
On Tolerance, by Valery Tishkov
Contending Nationalisms in the Macedonian Controversy, by Anastasia Karakasidou
Brotherhoods of Race and Nation: An HFG Conference, by Joel Wallman
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